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Justin Blount is an American musician, record producer, audio engineer and session drummer. Justin has an electronic solo project called The Faceless Orchestra. He is the founder, owner and principal engineer of Broken Levee Records. 




Please email us for hourly rates. 

We can do the following:




◦Live Recordings


Pro Tools HD Recording System/Mac Pro

Otari mx5050 2track reel to reel

Mackie D8B

Mackie Onyx 800R

Avalon 747

DBX 586

Aphex 107

TL Audio Dualvalve

Behringer T1953

(2) DBX 266XL’s

DBX 266

(2) Rane 4 ch. Headphone amp

Neumann U87

(2)Sennheiser md421

Shure 55sh series II

Shure 57/58

Whirlwind DI's

Event Studio Project 8 series studio speakers 

Event 20/20 subwoofer

Alesis midiverb lll

Alesis MEQ 230

(3)Vic firth headphones

(3)AKG K240S headphones 

Ampeg Reverb rocket 4x12 amp

Gibson Blueshawk

Fender Bronco Bass

Roland Keyboard Amp

Simmons Drum Module

Korg Prophecy

Korg Microkorg

Korg Monotribe

Korg Monotron

Akia Rhythm Wolf drum machine 

Alesis sr16 drum machine

Gretsch 4 piece drum kit

Creating your project


We want you to feel comfortable sharing your musical project with us. As an artist working with us, you will maintain 100% creative control. We use a combination of analog and digital equipment to make your vision become a finished product. If you are interested in booking time with us, check out our rates and send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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